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At Joint Venture Real Estate Partners We Have The solution!
Are you looking for money to buy distressed properties? We have the solution! 

We can help you buy the property for little or no money down.
We will also close very quickly. We put up the cash as your equity partner.

We give you the money for the purchase of the property, and for the repairs. We are not paid until your property is sold. Our share is typically the greater of 18%-20%* (per annum) of JV Real Estate Partners' total investment, or 40% - 50%* of the net profit after all expenses are paid.

Old House, Private Real Estate Partner in Burbank, CA

Financing for Distressed Properties

For investors, we also offer regular hard money financing up to 100% of your purchase price, which may include all the rehab funds. You are invested in the property with little or nothing down. You are also given the rehab funds. We make the process extremely simple and fast, with little or no qualifying. Most of our emphasis is based on the future refurbished value of the property.

Money to Purchase Distressed Properties With No Down Payment or Monthly Payments

Purchase distressed properties with little or no money. You find a great deal, and we provide the funds! We provide this service as your joint venture partner. Our process is very streamlined with primary emphasis on the renovated value of the property.

How the Joint Venture Real Estate Program Works

We provide the funds to purchase and rehab the property.

You will provide: 

• Contractor who is insured and in good standing.
• Contractors bid for repairs.
• List of 3 most recent transations you have completed.
• For 1st time transactions with us we require 10% down into the project, for future transactions  we will do typically approve 0 money down. 
• Half way decent credit.
• Have a minimum amount of cash reserves for your own working capital to carry you until the property is sold.

The first step is to contact our office and ask for Melanie or fill out the contact us info under the contact us page and we will get back to you promptly to discuss your particular project.

*Any percentage/profit sharing is subject to change and is based on the particular investment.